10 Things/People That Are Pissing Me Off

  1. Farts. Can someone please explain to me what good they are? 53657955
  2. Pennilessness. I made up a new word. Get over it. It sucks.
  3. Guys with jobs who don’t donate to breast cancer research. Come on, we benefit from it, but we can’t even make a small investment? There should be a banner ad on the home page of every porn site encouraging people to donate. Let’s see some action, Pornhub!
  4. This sociopathic serial killer.  She makes Dexter look like Mother Teresa.

5. Ireland banned abortions in 2013? Kind of. Clare Daly is on it – and on President Barack Obama. Girl power!

6.  British Columbia Premier Christy Clark, for her corporatist attack on the Canada Health Act and Canadian Medicare, among other provincial social programshstcampaign600px

7. #LoserDonald Trump. Do I really have time to explain why? The only reason he hasn’t spent a lifetime sleeping on the couch and isn’t divorced as we speak or beat up by a hoard of gimps (de quo ego) is because he has money.

8. Finding out that, for the 1,395,347th time, that George Carlin left us on June 22, 2008. RIP, you old f*ck.

9.  Damn, starting up a business is hard! Entrepreneurs have my undying respect forever. Global corporations and banks – not so much.

10. Can I make another comment about the Boob Thing? How is it even possible that breast cancer is even a thing anymore? Beer is temporary. That sh*t is forever and it’s only out of a sense of good taste that I don’t provide a visual. Support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Run For the Cure here. RIP, Grandma Angela. I hope to meet you one day.breast-cancer-ribbon



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