Relax, Sane America. Trump = Controlled Opposition

I don’t know how many of you fit this description, but that’s not really my problem. I’m Canadian. Our nefarious politicians are a lot more of the Hillary Clinton variety than that of Donald J. Drumpf or Rick “The Frothy One” Santorum (he of Dan Savage fame).

Perhaps the best representation of what I’m talking about is in the clip below, which aired about a week ago on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

While The Donald’s bluntness may come off as sincere recklessness and sheer yet dangerous candor, he is in fact quite calculated in the statements he makes, never wanting to allow a great newsworthy moment to go to waste. He may know little else, but what he does know are people and some measure of human behaviour. He is a master at using buzz words to an audience that conditioned by talk radio and certain loosely defined news outlets craves them. Scapegoating is as much a part of even moderate politics as it is for the polar extremes. Republican politicians (and to an extent, Democratic ones as well) for decades have subtly conditioned their followers to demean certain portions of society, blaming “the other” for an individual’s financial and personal failures. Rule number one: Never take responsibility for anything, when you can make it the fault of someone else.

This is nothing new. It’s Politics 101. The fact that Trump is so blatant with these tactics, even more blatant than the more extreme fringes of the party he is miraculously destroying in such spectacular fashion, shouldn’t distract my learned readers from the fact that he is little more than controlled opposition, a representation of the establishment (banks, corporations and uber rich) upping their game, as people begin to reject the traditional tactics of human psychological programming.

As I will address in a future article, it is entirely fair to say that we have essentially been under the thumbs of corporate-controlled psychologists and experts in human behaviour – people like Edward Bernays – for a very long time. The fact that #LoserDonald doesn’t speak or act like a politician means he is no less a corporate controlled force, whether he knows it or not, with weaknesses no more difficult to exploit than any previous politician.

All human beings have a desire for money, power and recognition. Some, like Trump, even need to be worshiped. That is the Republican nominee’s fatal weakness – when the “Trump Trump Trump” chants go live, he’s an even bigger loose cannon. His die-hards may love him for it, but there’s hardly enough of them to keep someone like Hillary Clinton out of the White House next year.


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