Fortis Qui se Vincit. From the Latin: “Do right and fear no man.” More than mere family motto, it is the summation of what this collection of what I loosely call news commentary into the website you have graced with your presence. For that, I thank you.

In that undertaking I have thrust upon myself, I am of the keen awareness that some may find my writings objectionable, whether linguistically or on the basis of “outlandish conspiracy theories.” This site was not meant for them. I am not endeavouring to win anyone over or provide convincing where one is unnecessary.

My sincerest goal is that I present to you some stimulating embodiment of fact, to present the nature of things in an eccentric, archetypal idiosyncrasy or, if nothing else, induce some form of hysterics. If I manage to do any of these things in any tangible way, shape or form, I am humbly indebted to you, the Reader. If I obtain some measure of your loyalty in the process of – whatever the hell this is – I remain your faithful servant.

Certainly, the advertisements strewn about this website make it abundantly clear this diatribe is more than mere sport for myself and guest contributors, yet let not the possibility of my selling out enter your mind. These words are and forever will be the candid thoughts and reflections of myself and of guest contributors (those to be named later).

Staying true to oneself is the single hallmark that this humble collection of stories strives to be. I hope, even if in mere escapism, you find some genuine value in it – and if you don’t, that’s what comment section is for. I can’t improve if I am unaware of how I have kept Pfizer Inc. in business, if that inevitably becomes the case. Our communication AND your feedback is something I entirely respect and is absolutely vital to the success or failure of this site.

Thanks again for your patience as this site grows and develops into something that I can only hope will have you coming back again and again,


C.T., Founder, Editor and Publisher

The Thornycroft Diatribe






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